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7 Ways Retail Locations and Shopping Centers Benefit from Professional Landscape Management

Retail locations and shopping centers are places that people flock to every day to buy clothes, food, entertainment and more. You want people to stay at your location shopping center for as long as possible and you especially want them to visit again. Gachina Landscape Management can help keep your customers coming back.

We create beautiful landscapes for commercial retail properties that draw people in and encourage them to enjoy their surroundings, plus we have all the tips on how to build a landscape that is cost efficient. Here are 7 ways your retail location or shopping center can benefit from our services:

1. Save on your water bill. Our experts employ a variety of strategies to preserve water, including weather-based irrigation controllers that can save up to 30% on your water bill through water use reduction.

2. Improve the appearance of your property. Our landscape experts have plenty of experience in building beautiful landscapes. We will get your property looking the best it has in years with a landscaping makeover.

3. Create shaded areas that cool your property. Planting some leafy trees that will provide shade is a great way to cool down your landscape. Trees can take a couple of years to gain adequate size if planted when they are small, but their shade can keep ground cover and walkways cooler.   Careful planning of trees and plant locations can also shade storefronts and windows to reduce glare and costs associated with air conditioning.

4. We keep your landscape looking immaculate. Scrap paper, trash, and leaves can create negative emotions about the care taken on a property. We always take care to maintain a clean and efficient landscape.

5. We know how to maintain high traffic landscapes. Your landscape is a busy place and it can get damaged by foot traffic, vehicles, vandalism and even skateboards! We stay on top of all maintenance the property requires, including plant replacement and irrigation repairs.

6. Brighten your parking lot. Most of the time, the view of a parking lot is very gray. With our help, you can inject some color by incorporating hardy flowering shrubs, giving it a much more appealing look.

7. Expert irrigation management. We prioritize water management by using top of the line irrigation systems that utilize drip irrigation and minimize overspray, pressure regulating nozzles, and check valves. All this ensures that no water goes to waste.

Gachina will improve your property

Gachina Landscape Management can make the landscape of your retail location or shopping center a beautiful and welcoming place. These are just 7 ways we can help your propertyclick here to visit us online and learn even more ways or call us today at 866-848-4634.

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