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The Secret to Free Advertisements – Restaurant Social Media Marketing

The Secret to Free Advertisements – Restaurant Social Media Marketing

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In the age of social media, presentation is more important than ever for restaurants. Incorporating social media into your restaurant’s marketing strategies can do wonders, especially for small mom & pop shops. Successful social media marketing leads to plenty of free restaurant advertising opportunities! However, not only does it involve engaging with customers, but also involves plenty of amazing photo opportunities as well.
Food pictures on social media serve as the first impression for many customers and help them decide where they want to eat. Nowadays, customers choose where to eat based on the images and info they find online. If your food is both delicious and picture-worthy, your customers will also share photos of your beautiful creations with others. Talk about free advertisement!


SP2’s arrangement of dressing and edible flowers makes the colors in this salad really pop!

A Blueprint for a Perfect Plate (and Picture)

So what exactly are the best ways to make your food look camera (and Instagram) worthy? First, plating and presentation is key. With plating, attention to detail is everything! Think about what you want to emphasize about your entree and arrange your plate to show off its greatest assets. You can also use any sides or sauces as a plating decor as well. Be creative with the presentation of your dish – play with colors, shapes, and textures!
Additionally, a clean plate goes a long way in any picture, so make sure to clean up any dribbles or crumbs. To take your plate to the next level, add garnishes like herbs, edible flowers, powdered sugar, or fruit. For example, you can sprinkle some powdered sugar on top of your dessert to add a touch of texture. Or, use fruit or berries to add that pop of color and freshness to your dish! There are many ways to incorporate ingredients already in your kitchen to create an Insta-worthy entree.

This cafe’s mosaic table makes the simple cup of tea and croissant picture perfect.

Lighting and Location for Restaurant Social Media Success

Having a photo-friendly environment will do wonders for your restaurant social media success. By providing a beautiful backdrop, more customers will want to snap a photo of their meals. A well-lit space, a nice wall color, or a few stand-alone tables in your restaurant can provide this photo-ready background. Keep the space clean and spacious for the best Insta-worthy photo opts! You can also include flowers, candles, or other cute props on your table as well.
Creating aesthetically pleasing plates inspires people to take incredibly appetizing pictures of your food. And, with the advent of social media, these food photos can get shared quickly and easily – all in the form of free advertising.

Bring on the Free Advertising

If you’re an owner or manager who LOVES free restaurant advertising, then check out the TasteM8 app! TasteM8 is a restaurant marketing and advertising company that connects local restaurants to hungry locals. Restaurants can sign up and post unlimited promotions for free, then share the promotions with TasteM8 users, social media, and more!

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