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Reasons to Consider Private Junior High School for Your Child

A Few Reasons to Consider Private Junior High School for Your Child

For parents searching for a quality education, there are alternatives to public schools in the Bay Area. You should be aware of the many compelling reasons to consider private junior high school for your child.

How to Identify an Outstanding Private Junior High School

The staff at Alsion Montessori in the Mission San José district of Fremont suggests searching for an established school that provides a well-rounded educational experience for your student. An outstanding middle school offers:

  • A dedicated faculty. Effective teachers possess a combination of impressive credentials, valuable life experiences outside the classroom, and a sincere desire to instill a passion for learning in each student.
  • Small classes and individual instruction. Teachers are more easily able to help students on an individual basis in classes of ten or fewer students. With more opportunities for one-on-one instruction, students can learn at their own pace and are less likely to fall behind.
  • Opportunities for student interaction. In addition to in-class group projects that promote teamwork, a quality private school allows students to excel in various social settings. Community service activities such as Alsion’s Senior Service Weekend are chances for students to work together, outside the classroom, toward a common goal.
  • Chances for parental involvement. An organization such as the Alsion Community Association facilitates communication among parents, students, teachers, and the school’s administration. Parents play an integral role in planning special events, setting the academic agenda, and fundraising.
  • A multi-faceted, challenging curriculum. Rigorous courses in the basics – social studies, mathematics, English, and science – supplement a program of stimulating extracurricular activities. Alsion Montessori’s yearly biome trips are intensive hands-on learning experiences, covering natural and social history, geography, the environment, and climate.
  • Preparation for high school and college. A quality private junior high school provides students with an academic foundation for learning in the future. Alsion Montessori’s Early College High School offers an accelerated academic program to familiarize middle school students with the standards they will encounter in the years ahead while easing the transition to high school and college.

Contact Us to Learn More

Alsion Montessori Middle School was established in 2001. Our well-prepared students have gone on to attend prestigious colleges and universities such as Duke University, Boston University, University of California-Berkeley, and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Learn more about the reasons to consider private junior high school for your child. Contact Alsion to schedule a visit to our Fremont campus. Call 510-445-1127 today.
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