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Printing Techniques to Make your Materials Stand Out

How we use Printing Techniques to Make your Materials Stand Out

Today’s competitive environment demands printing techniques that make your marketing materials stand out.  Don’t waste money on materials that just end up in the trash – invest in unique ways to grab attention and develop customers.
The Pacific Color Graphics team has the expertise and the technology to give a distinctive look that commands attention to your packaging, brochures, mailers, signage and other marketing resources.
A few of the most effective printing techniques used by Pacific Color Graphics:

  • Embossing. The process of embossing occurs when a metal plate with raised images or letters is pressed onto paper, creating a raised impression. Debossing has the opposite effect, creating a depressed impression.
  • Die Cutting. Paper is cut into irregular shapes with a die. In some cases, the die is specially designed to create a tailor-made shape.
  • Created by Gutenberg, letterpress is the oldest form of printing. It employs a plate with raised lettering or figures. The plate is inked and pressed onto paper.
  • Silk Screening. A type of stenciling in which ink is forced through a polyester mesh onto a substrate surface. One of the most popular printing methods, silk screening has been around for hundreds of years.
  • Varnishing gives printed surfaces a special sheen, whether it’s glossy, matte, satin or a neutral finish. A liquid coating is applied to the surface after printing. This method is usually reserved for high-end materials.
  • Foil stamping. A layer of foil that includes images and lettering is pressed to a substrate via a heating process. Foil stamping is another high-end technique.
  • Thermography involves printing a powdered ink onto a surface, which is then heated. As the powdered ink dries, it leaves a raised impression. This printing technique is often used for wedding invitations.

Customize Your Marketing Materials with Specialized Printing Techniques for Maximum Impact

Combining marketing know-how with professional printing techniques gives your brand a distinctive identity in the eyes of your target audience.
Pacific Color Graphics can help you select printing techniques that best deliver the message you wish to convey. As long-time marketing experts, we understand the impact particular printing methods have on consumers.
Call 888-551-1482 today to speak with a Pacific Color Graphics print professional about using printing techniques to make your materials stand out.
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