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Patent Attorneys Protect Your Company’s Investments

When you acquire a new headquarters for your business or a valuable, tangible asset to help your company grow, you naturally (and wisely) take steps to protect that asset or property with insurance and security. Many business owners, though, fail to take similar measures to protect  their intangible assets. Ideas, songs, slogans, and trademarks may not seem like “assets” in the traditional sense of the word, but for many companies, these items, their intellectual property, out value their tangible assets. Imagine the repercussions if the “secret formula” for Coca-Cola fell into the hands of Pepsi, or if any company could use the name McDonald’s to market its own products or services.
The task of protecting your company’s valuable creative works and ideas falls, in part, to an experienced  patent attorney. Sadly, few business owners take full advantage of the many services a  patent attorney can offer.
Services Offered by an Experienced Patent Lawyer 
A patent is a form of intellectual property protection that keeps unauthorized individuals from copying or using the protected invention or idea for a specific period of time. Patents protect both useful inventions, and their appearance. Patent infringers may be required to cease their unlawful activities, pay compensation to the patent owner, or both. The role of your patent attorney is to:

  • Determine if your idea or invention is patentable: Not all ideas and inventions are eligible for patent protection. Your attorney will be able to examine your situation to determine if you can make use of the U.S.’s or international patent laws or if some other intellectual property protection would be more appropriate. 
  • Assist you in applying for patent protection: Even if your idea or invention is patentable, protection is not automatic. The patent application process is complicated. Mistakes made during the application process can mean forfeiture in obtaining the patent protection you need.
  • Assist you in determining whether your technology may be infringing someone else’s patent. With exponential growth of technology, many companies are developing like technologies at the same time. If you first developed your own technology, but failed to apply for a patent, or in some instances, purchased new but unpatented technology, you could be an inadvertent patent infringer.
  • Prosecute infringers of your patent: Your patent protection is worthless if those who violate your patent are not prosecuted for infringement. Just because another company came up with an idea that is similar to yours does not mean you are entitled to an order directing that company to cease and desist. Your patent attorney will know the legal elements required to prove a claim of infringement and what evidence is necessary to show infringement occurred in your case.

Contact JGPC Law Patent Attorneys Today for Assistance 
The experienced and talented patent attorneys at JGPC Law stand ready to assist you and your business in protecting your inventions and ideas using the patent system. From applying for patent protection to pursuing those who infringe on your patents, JGPC Law’s team is capable of providing you with timely and professional assistance. Our firm assists clients in Fremont, Hayward, Livermore, San Leandro, San Ramon, Tracy, Oakland, Manteca, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek and throughout the Bay Area. Call  (925) 463-9600 or contact us online and enlist the help of our experienced and knowledgeable patent attorneys today.
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