WSI Net Advantage is a leader in Social Media Marketing for businesses. We consult for businesses on how to effectively use social media – then we have the resources to create, post, comment, and track the results!

The challenge for most businesses and deciding on how to use Social Media is to be where your clients are…and it’s not always where you think!! For instance, Facebook may have nearly a Billion users, but when users go online are they really interested in your products? Would advertising be the right medium instead of managing a page?

What about Twitter? Do you tweet? Do you know if it is working for you or just a waste of time? Here is a brief video from one of our partners, Erin Blaskie, with a great list of sugestions on how to improve the number of followers you have on Twitter. Want to learn more? Give us a call to discuss your business’ visibility and Social Media – (510) 687-9737.


Here is one take on the future Social Media Marketing environment. Where are you in it?



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