Customer Specific SEO Programs To Meet Your Business Needs

Localized Search / Regional Search / National Search

Many SEO firms have packages “sized to fit everyone”. But we know not all businesses need the same things. If you have had anyone working on your site, then there are likely SEO positives and negatives lurking on your site right now! Why get squeezed into a “Bronze”, “Silver” or “Gold” package when you need one to fit your particular needs?

Are your clients looking for local services? We have lots of experience helping local businesses achieve their marketing goals online.

Are you competing regionally or nationally? Let our team work with you to reach your prospective clients in ways you never thought possible.

Standard SEO Plans consist of:

  • Current website analysis
  • Competitive environment analysis
  • Incoming link analysis
  • Current positioning analysis
  • Relevant keyphrase research and recommendations

Based on some or all of the review information, your site may need the following:

  • SEO Friendly Content updates and creation
  • Meta Tag creation
  • On-site and off-site linking
  • Site Maps
  • Incoming link development
  • Ongoing consultation, assessment and reporting

We’ll perform an initial site review to determine what you need. Any maybe suggest other items too, like an Internet Advertising campaign, blog, article generation, press releases, email marketing…and more! That’s why we don’t start you out with a package.

Or, let us know what your budget allows and we can work backwards by determining the things we can do to make your site work for you.Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important?

Ensuring customers can easily find your website when they’re looking for it is a critical consideration not to be overlooked. According to VeriSign, over 1 million new Web addresses are registered every month – that’s over 40,000 per day. How do consumers find their way through all these sites? The answer is search engines.

Google, Yahoo!, MSN – Millions upon millions of people use them every day to find everything from stock tips to sports cars. Google alone boasts over 200 million searches every day, and that number keeps on growing. Even if you’ve never thought about search engines before, these statistics illustrate how important it is for your website to be listed in them. But being listed isn’t enough; you also need to achieve a high ranking in the search results to benefit from the considerable amount of traffic they can send to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) generates results while others are buried 10, 20 or 100 pages down

There are specific techniques used when building a website that can determine whether or not a search engine can actually find the website to begin with, and then where it ranks that site in its database. These techniques are referred to as search engine optimization (often abbreviated as SEO) and are really quite complex.

That’s because searchers demand only the most relevant results from their searches, so the search engines are constantly changing and refining the way they capture and categorize content. It takes an expert to understand this constantly evolving process and to implement the techniques that ensure a top ranking.

WSI Internet Consulting can offer these expert SEO services as part of your new Internet Solution, or as an upgrade to your existing website. Either way, this essential service will deliver more targeted traffic to your website, unlocking the full potential of your online presence.

To discuss a traffic (and profit!) generating SEO program for your website, Contact WSI Net Advantage today.

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