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“A lot of businesses have tried online ads and failed. Why?? Because they did not understand what is required to do it right. Don’t quit because it might not have worked for your before. Call us or fill out the form. We’ll start with a fresh set of eyes and a new approach” – Kevin, Certified Google AdWords Professional

Did you know…

> 170 million Americans are using the Internet monthly.

> Internet users do over 4 Billion searches every month on major search engines.

> More People are using The Internet for Local Searches than the Yellow Pages – July 2008 by TMP Directional Marketing!

The Internet is becoming increasingly localized, meaning customers are now searching online for products and services in their own geographic location.

Target Your Internet Marketing around San JoseThe WSI Local AdWorks pay-per-click (PPC) platform leverages this trend by working directly with Google, Yahoo! MSN and their partners to display your online ad directly to your local customers. The ads run in the areas you define – from a 10 mile radius to regions like San Jose / San Francisco / Oakland, to entire states or even the entire USA!

Looking to Have Your Website and Business Found Locally Online?

Search engines are more often the first place customers visit to begin their product and service research. Pay-per-click is still the only guaranteed method to achieve top search engine rankings. It is true pay for performance advertising because…

If no one clicks on your ad and goes to your website you don’t pay a thing!

We manage everything! We write the ads, we select the best keywords, and we do the keyword bidding for you!

Search Engines Take Over Yellow Pages for Local Search - Ref: July 2008 by TMP Directional Marketing We report everything! Through your password protected online interface we report every dollar spent, every visitor to your website, every phone call, email, online form submitted or coupon printed that is a direct result of the PPC campaign that we are managing for you.

You set the budget! Your budget is a critical ingredient in determining the success of your campaign. We will work with you to determine the optimal budget for your particular needs.

Don’t have a website? We will even offer you a one-page offer website specially designed to turn clicks into calls!

Want to learn more? View our online demo and then contact us for a personal consultation!

Click Here for an Online Demo of WSI Local AdworksPay Per Click Return on Investment (ROI) Example – Lots of Phone Calls!

A REAL Company We Work With: Local professional services company in a seasonal industry with two locations about 100 miles apart. They are using the Local AdWorks system as a lead generation tool. They offer a unique service and are confident they will close the deal if they get the right leads. Can you measure your cost per leads like this?

Recent Data on Cost Per Lead:

Month Location Budget Visits Cost Per Click Calls Emails Forms Sent New Leads Cost Per Lead
1 1 $500 331 $1.51 50 3 8 61 $8.20
1 2 $500 318 $1.57 18 2 5 25 $20.00
2 1 $500 312 $1.60 34 4 12 50 $10.00
2 2 $500 368 $1.36 18 1 3 22 $22.73
3 1 $500 287 $1.74 30 2 8 40 $12.50
3 2 $500 362 $1.38 11 1 6 17 $27.78
4 1 $500 249 $2.01 28 1 4 33 $15.15
4 2 $500 369 $1.36 12 1 10 23 $21.74


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