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New LuxeVue Windows from Raynor Garage Doors

For property owners who are looking to upgrade the appearance of their garage doors, Madden Door recommends new LuxeVue windows from Raynor.
Madden Door has been installing Raynor garage doors for many years. Our customers are always delighted with the quality of doors that come from one of the oldest garage door manufacturers in the U.S.
LuxeVue windows, as its name suggests, are 20 percent larger than traditional garage door windows. The larger size makes a noticeable difference in the appearance of the garage door, especially from the curb.
Raynor offers more than two dozen different styles of LuxeVue windows, including several with decorative wrought iron insets. With a wide range of materials, designs, sizes, and hardware for you to choose from, Raynor makes it easy for you to own a special garage door that really is custom-made to suit you.

Benefits of Larger Garage Door Windows

With the LuxeVue line of windows, Raynor is responding to growing demand for garage doors that combine functionality with style. Along with myriad possibilities for customization, LuxeVue windows offer benefits such as:

  • More natural light. People are spending more time in their garages. The handyman of the house may have a small workshop. In California, some families use the garage as living space or workout space. Natural light helps keep a dark area bright during the day.
  • An aesthetic complement to the home. Property owners increasingly seek garage doors that complement the rest of the house, or even serve to “dress up” a home’s appearance from the street. Windows that closely match the style, shape, and size of other exterior windows help connect the garage to the rest of your house.

Although LuxeVue’s windows are larger than conventional garage door windows, they won’t compromise the strength of your Raynor door. The relative strength of each Raynor door depends on the materials from which it is made.
For property owners who are concerned that intruders are able to peer into garages through the larger windows, Raynor offers a tinted glass option that still allows natural light to pass through, but blocks viewing of the inside of your garage.
Learn more about new LuxeVue windows from Raynor Garage Doors. Talk to a garage door professional at Madden Door. Email us or call 925-357-9781 today.
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