New Changes Made to Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks for Millennials. Just a few days ago, the social app announced a series of new changes to enhance the user experience. Among these changes are improvements to emojis, Audience Data and a new Travel Mode option. Do any of these advancements help your business solidify a spot on the social app? Actually, they may.




As far as emojis go, don’t expect much more than an improvement to the user experience. Snapchat users can now choose from a range of new emojis or add an entire line of them with the text feature. This update reminds us that digital media is becoming increasingly visual rather than text-based. If someone wants to share how they’re feeling, there’s an emoji for it. And clicking on a button is far easier than texting out a sentence.


Travel Mode


Moving on to Travel Mode. This option allows users to maximize their data plans. When in Travel Mode, the app prevents snaps from automatically downloading when the app is opened. Only the snaps that are tapped on will download. This is a great feature because as the app expands, it can take a significant amount of data to download all the snaps that people post. Now users have more control over Discover and Live Stories content.




Next up is the option for users to export their custom Snapcodes as video files. Users have always been able to export the single frame of their Snapcode to make others aware of their presence, but they haven’t been able to export the new, three frame, video version of the codes. The new update makes this possible, and users will no doubtedly enjoy the animated GIF version of Snapcodes that make their presence much more lively.


Audience Data


The last addition (which you’ll probably be most excited for) is the ability to see who has been checking out your Snapchat stories. This feature has always been available by clicking on the eye button, but now it’s been improved. The new update will show the full list of users who have viewed your content. All you need to do is click on the Snapchat story within Discover, and the people who have viewed your stuff will be listed.


This feature is obviously geared toward brands that are using the app for marketing purposes. You can now get a better idea as to the types of people that are viewing your content and use this to target your audience in a more effective manner. It’s likely that your Snapchat audience is unique compared to social platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Snapchat has a younger audience, and the new updates reflect this. With Audience Data, you can now discover who is listening to you on Snapchat and what you can do to connect with this audience.


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