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How a Montessori Middle School Education Prepares Students for High School

The transition from middle to high school marks an important time in every student’s life. Just as a fulfilling high school experience prepares students for college, a successful middle school experience prepares students for high school. Of all Fremont area middle schools, Alsion Montessori offers a unique education for students that focuses on a broad range of subjects and learning strategies.

We understand that middle school-aged children are growing socially as well as physically and that’s why our program focuses on education both inside and outside the classroom.

Inside the Classroom

Alsion follows a detailed syllabus for each classroom subject that outlines all assignments and deadlines in detail. There is emphasis put on working in groups to facilitate teamwork and build friendships. We focus on collaboration and cooperation in the classroom just as much as we focus on learning.

Over the course of three years, core subjects such as English, History, Mathematics and Science are explored in depth to help students discover where their passions lie. We want to give our students a well-rounded education while also allowing them to pursue interests as they realize them. This is especially important once students have graduated to high school, as they will have classes streamlined and tailored to their specific areas of interest.

Outside the Classroom

There are plenty of unique extracurricular activities at Alsion. These activities aim to give students practical experience. For those who are interested in world issues, there is a Model UN every year, for students with a green thumb there is a garden on campus to look after, or for the more entrepreneurial student there is Market Day, an event that has students come up with a small business venture to sell to peers and families.

We like to provide our students with a wide variety of activities in hopes that the hands-on experience will help them discover a new talent or interest that they wouldn’t have realized in the classroom. These experiences are unique to Alsion Montessori and are skills that students will carry with them through high school and beyond.

Visit Alsion Montessori

Located in the Bay area, Alsion Montessori strives to give every student the best opportunity to succeed. Thanks to small class sizes, our teachers are able to work individually with students. To learn more about Alsion Middle School and how it will prepare your child for high school, visit our website or call us at 510-445-1127.

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