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Moisture between Panes of a Sliding Glass Door

Solutions for Moisture between Panes of a Sliding Glass Door

Condensation between the panes of a double-pane sliding glass door is a sign that the seal between the panes has failed.
Unfortunately, simply repairing the seal isn’t a solution.
There are two ways to solve the problem of moisture forming between the panes of a sliding glass door:

  1. You can hire a sliding glass door contractor to replace the glass units. This can be expensive, but you may be able to save a lot of money if your sliders are still under warranty.
  1. You can attempt a procedure that is gaining popularity, but is only appropriate for certain sliding doors: drilling small holes in the glass to remove moisture.

This repair requires the skill of a professional, who will drill small holes in one of the glass panes, usually in a corner.
The technician will then inject a liquid into the space between the two panels to clean the glass and evaporate the moisture. The solution is then pumped out of the space and the holes repaired with special plugs that allow moisture to escape but not to re-enter the space.
If your sliding glass door is safety glass, your only option is replacement. Drilling into safety glass will result in shattered glass and a big mess.
If moisture inside your slider is marring your view of the outside, call A-1 On Track, the sliding door experts, at 408-866-0267. We’ll come by to take a look and suggest the best way to solve your problem.
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