Mobile Apps and Websites: Should You Have Both?

When it comes to deciding whether you should build a native app or mobile website, the final decision should be based on your end goals. If you are interested in building an interactive game, an app will be your best option. But, if you’re like most businesses that want to offer relevant, engaging material online to a wide audience, a website is the better option. In many cases, businesses decide to have both a website and an app, and you may find that this will benefit you, too. But rarely does it make sense to have a mobile app without having a website.

When Apps Make Sense

Say you already have a website in place and you’re thinking about adding an app to the mix. Is it worth it? Will your audience benefit? Here are some situations where mobile apps make perfect sense.

  • Interactivity/gaming
  • Productivity/utility
  • Personalization
  • Offline access
  • Anything with mobile-specific functions such as click-to-call or GPS

It’s possible that you may want to build both a mobile website and an app, but you don’t have to build both at the same time. If, for example, you’re building a productivity tool that will help users track data, or you want to create an experience where users don’t have to be connected to the Internet, an app is the way to go. But after you build the mobile app, you should also launch a website. Mobile apps and websites are valuable to each other, so you shouldn’t be without one or the other.

Features of a Mobile Website and App

Although mobile apps and websites aren’t the same thing, they have many of the same benefits, including:

  • One-click calling
  • Click-to-map
  • Social sharing
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile marketing

Now imagine all of these benefits, plus the specific benefits related to mobile apps and websites. Your audience can access your mobile site any time of the day and enjoy a user-friendly experience through content, images and videos. With an app, users will have to download and install it, but from this point forward, it’s much easier and faster to load than a website. You can also gather data about your users’ preferences and behaviors.

When building a website or app, the best option is to hire a web/app developer who possesses the proper skills in design and coding. It’s an initial investment that will offer long-term rewards through added engagement, brand recognition and sales.

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