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The success of an outdoor event depends on your careful planning and attention to detail. As your business prepares for the next event, make sure that you are showing your supporters that you’re worth their time and money.
Here are a few tips for helping your business make a splash at your next outdoor event.

Use Large Format Vinyl Banners

At an outdoor event, you are competing with Mother Nature. Visitors might be distracted by the surroundings, which means you must work even harder to make your booth stand out.
The best way to draw attention to your booth is with large format vinyl banners. This colorful signage is portable, durable and lightweight, making it ideal for travel. Custom vinyl signs do an exceptional job of cutting through the noise and sharing your brand’s message.

Purchase A Custom Canopy Tent

Another way to bring visibility to your event is by purchasing a custom canopy tent. Branded tents make a great investment because you can use them for both indoor and outdoor shows. They also define your space and provide reliable shade and weather protection.

Hand Out Promotional Materials

People love getting free items, so come prepared with useful products to hand out to your audience. Match the freebies to the weather so that they are immediately useful. For example, a hot day calls for branded sunglasses, water bottles and squirt guns. On the other hand, in cooler temperatures you will do better with beanies, hand warmers and coffee packets.

Apply A Vehicle Wrap To The Company Car

A vehicle wrap is an inexpensive way to draw more attention to your brand. It works best if you’re able to park your vehicle near your booth. Outside of events, vehicle wraps continue to be a powerful marketing tool. They are non-aggressive and able to reach a wide, mobile audience for one affordable cost.

Establish A Corporate Work Uniform

Lastly, establish a work uniform that incorporates flexibility and comfort. When your employees wear a uniform, they feel like a cohesive team and positively represent your brand. Additionally, customers can easily identify uniformed employees, leading to improved customer service.
Turn your outdoor event into a memorable experience for your employees and customers. Call Pacific Color Graphics at 888-551-1482 to learn more about our custom printed solutions.
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