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Maintain Your Eichler Home’s Architectural Style

Tips to Preserve Your Eichler Home’s Architectural Style

Are you a proud owner of an Eichler home in Silicon Valley? Make sure your upcoming renovation project maintains the authentic, characteristic style you love. Maintaining the characteristic horizontal and vertical planes that offer the best of indoor-outdoor living can be challenging for those unfamiliar with the “California modern” building concept. Look for a renovation contractor with the required experience and expertise in this unique modernist style. Here is a quick overview of this architectural style to help you plan your remodel.

3 Key Features You Want to Protect in Your Eichler Home

  • Modernist style: Clean lines and minimal ornamentation define these coveted tract homes of the 1950s and 60s. Any ornately carved additions such as crown molding would be out of place with the mid-century modern styling. Careful selection of flooring and ceiling materials, wall colors and furnishings can help update the look of your home without risking a mismatch of distinct styles.
  • Indoor-outdoor feel: The skylights, glass walls (large windows and doors), a continuous ceiling and low-slung gabled roof are characteristic of the easy California lifestyle. Any renovations to your structure must aim to preserve this original vision and flow.
  • Spacious floor plan: The open concept kitchen, living and dining areas were meant to create a roomy, airy feel and facilitate interaction. Any room additions to accommodate a growing family should ideally maintain the open concept design. For instance, adding solid walled partitions for privacy will take away the openness. Glass walls and sliding doors are better choices for partitioning living spaces.

Any backyard renovations, including fencing and garden sheds or extra rooms, should also keep in mind clean lines, flat or sloped roofs and large windows for your Silicon Valley home.

Successful Renovations by Eichler Home Remodeling Experts

Whether you plan to add rooms, windows, a gourmet kitchen or a luxurious ensuite, trust that we will seamlessly match the past with the present in your dream home. You can count on us to skillfully incorporate modern floorplans and conveniences into your home while preserving the original features. As Eichler remodeling specialists, we understand the challenges of installing modern comforts and energy-efficient systems into homes without a basement, attic and crawlspace.
We are happy to collaborate with your designer/architect to create a home that meets your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. With a deep commitment to quality workmanship and customer service, we have a growing roster of happy customers across Silicon Valley, including in Palo Alto, Los Altos, San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View and Sunnyvale, CA. 
Call 408-269-1101 or contact us online to learn more about Eichler homes’ architectural style and discuss your renovation project.
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