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Local Attorney – Who Knows Your Business Needs Better?

Starting a business in the Bay Area is not like starting a business somewhere else.  When you hire a lawyer to help with business formation, you want someone who knows the entrepreneurship environment in your local area and the laws that will apply to the business.  A business lawyer who has only worked with companies in Miami or Chicago or Boston, for example, would not be of much help.  Your local attorney, with offices in Livermore and Pleasanton, is the best person to help you establish your business correctly and manage its legal affairs in compliance with local laws.
What Is Unique About California Business Law?
Every state has its own business laws that will apply to a business formed and/or operating in that state.  In addition, the practical aspects of doing business differ from state to state..  California is the tech startup capital of the United States, and it also leads the country in entertainment-related small businesses.  Your Livermore business lawyer will be used to working with businesses in this particular business environment, and he will use this expertise to advise you.  Whether you are establishing a franchise, a tech startup, or any other kind of business, a local lawyer will have learned from the experience of other local businesses in your area.
Many of the rules involving business entities, such as federal taxation and intellectual property protection, primarily fall under the scope of federal law, but most laws applicable to business entities are state laws and these state laws differ from state to state.  For example, California is one of just a small number of states that give businesses the option of choosing the B corporation entity type.  A B corporation is a business entity with the profit-driven mindset of a corporation plus the social conscience of a non-profit organization.  Like other types of corporations, B corporations do seek to make a profit for the business.  But instead of all the profits going to shareholders, however, a B corporation has it written into its bylaws that a portion of the proceeds go to a certain philanthropic cause.  For example, a tech startup might dedicate a percentage of its revenue to providing computers for students.
JGPC Law – Your Local Business Law Firm 
From Hayward to Fremont to Tracy and Modesto, JGPC Business & Corporate Law is dedicated to helping local businesses.  You can depend on the expertise of JGPC whether you are founding a startup or need help protecting your intellectual property.  Jim Gulseth and the other attorneys at JGPC Business & Corporate Law can also help you draft business agreements and business plans and resolve disputes.  Contact JGPC Business & Corporate Law at (925)463-9600 for a consultation.
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