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Affordable and Effective Large-Scale Outdoor Graphics

Because of their size, large-scale outdoor graphics may seem to be an expensive use of precious marketing dollars.
But when you consider their ability to display your message to thousands, even millions of motorists and pedestrians in an urban setting over the course of several days, investing in large-scale outdoor ads results in a far better return-on-investment than purchasing television or radio ads.
Pacific Color Graphics is a full-service digital printing and marketing company with wide-format capabilities and a creative team of employees. We design and produce eye-catching outdoor graphics to build awareness of your products and services at an affordable price.

Look at what large-scale outdoor graphics can offer:

  • An oversized statement. Today, with so many marketing messages competing for the attention of consumers, bigger is better. Colorful, building-sized banners as tall as two stories can be seen from afar on busy streets and freeways.
  • A single banner can easily be moved from place to place over several months. For a single purchase, your business receives multiple, fresh exposures to a new audience.
  • A lingering message. Motorists stopped in traffic may focus on an outdoor graphic for nearly a minute, far longer than an ad in a magazine or on the internet. Pedestrians may study a banner ad for even longer. In some cases, a well-placed banner may be seen by the same person at least twice a day.
  • Effective directionals. Is your place of business off the beaten path? A huge banner sign can draw customers by pointing the way to your location.

Pump up the size of your message with large-scale outdoor graphics conceived and produced by Pacific Color Graphics. Call 925-600-3006 today to talk to one of our customer representatives.
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Large-Scale Outdoor Graphics

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