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Large Format Printing Ideas For Business

Clever Large-Format Printing Ideas for Business

Large-format printing has changed marketing practices in the last several years.
While it’s not new, technological advances in large-format printing have opened up a world of graphic images that didn’t exist a few years ago. The Pacific Color Graphics team embraces these creative challenges, and with the help of Pinterest, offers a few large-format printing ideas for your business:

  • The building-size banner with a twist. A five-story sign advertising a water park slide, displayed in actual size, plays off the real-life metal fire escape ladder next to it.
  • Revealing elevator ads. Elevator ads are easy to ignore because they’re boring. One imaginative marketer publicized a Superman movie by using an image of a man’s suited chest, hands poised to open the jacket, on the exterior door of an elevator. The door opens to reveal a second image, on the back wall, of the exposed “S” on his chest.
  • Innovative sandwich boards. Those two-sided advertising boards worn by a person on the street are making a comeback, thanks to ingenious use of graphics. One original use is a sandwich board designed for the Torture Museum. It replicates the medieval practice of pillorying with an image of wooden stocks and by having the wearer put head and hands in strategically placed holes in the board.
  • Waiting for a bus can be fun. Clever graphics on the interiors of bus kiosks take advantage of a captive audience: commuters waiting for their ride. One graphic aims to recreate the feeling of a blissful vacation by using the image of the bottom half of a person standing in a country stream, inner tube around their waist. The top half of the ad is a mirror that reflects the person looking at the ad.

Let’s Discuss Large-Format Printing Ideas for Your Business

Pacific Color Graphics has a creative staff prepared to design a marketing campaign for your business, centered around large-format printing. Call 888-551-1482 today to discuss large-format printing ideas for your business with a Pacific Color Graphics customer representative.
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