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Keeping Your Pets from Scratching at the Screen Door

Frustrated by Pets that Scratch at your Screen Door?

Watching your dog or cat slowly destroying your expensive new sliding screen door with their claws is dismaying. There are several ways you can stop your pets from scratching screen doors:

  • One obvious solution to scratching animals who want outside; install a pet door. This will also save you from the effort of opening the door every time your animal needs to go out.
  • Cats may scratch at screen doors because moths and other bugs flitting outside the door attract them. Keep bugs away by turning off the lights that draw them, or by installing those lights in another corner of the property, far away from any screens.
  • Squirting your pet with a simple spray bottle filled with water requires some initial diligence on your part, but works particularly well on cats. Keep the spray bottle handy and at the first sign of scratching, give the animal a squirt. The sound of the spray is also a deterrent. After several encounters with the spray bottle, cats typically stop scratching. Keep the bottle handy if your animal starts scratching again.
  • Adhesive strips that are available online, at pet stores, or home improvement centers are effective. They are transparent and applied directly to the screen. Animals, particularly cats, do not like the stickiness of the strip and stop scratching. You can remove the strips once the pet grows out of the scratching habit.
  • Heavy-duty pet screens are available at home improvement and hardware stores. They may not entirely stop your pet from scratching at the screen door, but little claws will not ruin the screen, which is made of materials that are sturdier than conventional screens.

If you’ve arrived at your anti-scratch solution too late to save your screen door, contact A-1 On Track for professional sliding door screen replacement. We also install pet doors. Schedule a service visit by calling 408-866-0267 today.
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