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Keep Up On School Work

Keeping Middle Schoolers on Top of School Work

Encouraging often-distracted middle schoolers to keep up on school work can seem like an impossible task for many parents.
Students who did well in elementary school often find middle school challenging due to factors such as a more complex curriculum, social pressures, and cognitive abilities that are still developing. As a parent, the job won’t seem so difficult if you break it down into simple steps – and teach your student to do the same.
The faculty at Alsion Montessori, which seeks to promote the overall development of students, offers these suggestions to help your child keep up on school work:

  • Record assignments. Parents understand that students’ memories are not always reliable when it comes to school work. One way to be sure assignments get completed is to keep a list. Choose a method that your child finds most convenient. Many students take photos of assignments. Others write them down in planners or notebooks. Record both the date the work is assigned and when it’s due.
  • School materials should always be available at home. Prepare for occasions when your student forgets materials at school by keeping plenty of writing instruments, paper, and perhaps even an extra copy of a textbook at home. Photos of worksheets can be printed and completed in place of the originals.
  • Be aware of homework patterns. Many teachers follow an assignment schedule. For example, one class may require completed work by the end of the week. Worksheets may be due every Tuesday for another class. Note these schedules and plan accordingly. Once a student develops consistent study habits based on a school schedule, they may find it’s easier to keep up on school work.

How to Make Sure Your Student Turns in Homework

Some Alsion Montessori middle school students work hard to finish their assignments, only to leave them at home. We recommend using a folder for completed homework. Accordion folders with compartments categorized by class work well for many students who struggle to keep up on school work.
Flag each completed assignment using colored paper, paper clips, or sticky notes. A quick flip through the folder instantly reveals flagged work that is due that day.

Learn More About Alsion’s Middle School

Middle school should prepare adolescents for demanding high school and college curriculums. Alsion Montessori’s middle school helps students keep up on school work and excel in their studies with an approach that takes into account the learning needs of adolescents whose minds and bodies are changing.
For more information on Alsion Montessori, one of the Bay Area’s premier private middle schools, call 510-445-1127 today.
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