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Interested in Selling Your Internet Marketing Business?

Interested in Selling Your Internet Marketing Business?

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Are you interested in selling your internet marketing business but not sure what’s in it for you? Selling your business can be a confusing process that most business owners don’t have experience with. After all, most people don’t start up a business with the intention of selling it right away, but consider yourself fortunate.
You are financially and emotionally invested in your business; it’s your baby, so to speak. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is what you want to spend your days doing. Perhaps you’re ready to move onto another business and expand your boundaries, or maybe you want something entirely different.
At WSI Net Advantage, we purchase internet-based businesses. We continue to grow the business, care for your customers and exceed the long-term goals you always dreamed of. You can sit back, relax and know that your business is being taken care of so that you can pursue other goals.

What’s Involved in Selling an Internet-Based Business?
We make selling your internet marketing business as easy as possible. There are many steps involved, but we’ll walk you through them. These steps include:

  • Internet business evaluation: How much is your company worth? 
  • Presentation and review: We extensively research your company, competition and industry. 
  • Listing agreement: A listing agreement helps us market your business to qualified buyers. 
  • Marketing strategies: We utilize a variety of marketing channels to target interested buyers. 
  • Client interviews: An advisor will conduct interviews with potential sellers. We also screen all buyers to ensure they have the right intentions and funds to invest in your business. 
  • Letter of intent: This letter will highlight the conditions of the sale, including the selling price and terms. 
  • Purchase agreement: You will be sent the purchase agreement for review and approval. 
  • Closing: The funds will be transferred to you, and the business transferred to its new owner. Some business owners choose to stay involved in the early weeks or months, while others stick around longer (and some less). This will all be documented in the purchase agreement.

WSI Net Advantage purchases all types of internet-based businesses, including: 

  • Web development businesses
  • Advertising based businesses
  • Listing based websites
  • Lead generation businesses
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Hosting and ISP businesses
  • Social networking websites
  • Media websites

Please contact us today to learn more by visiting our Contact Page.

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