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Important Items For Commercial Landscape Maintenance

The most important items for landscape maintenance vary according to the needs of individual clients. The Petalon Landscape Management team offers a full range of services to keep your outdoor spaces looking vibrant and inviting, all year long.
Our clients – property managers, HOAs, municipalities, retailers and corporations – require these services most often:

  • Plant care. Expert selection and nurturing of plants is critically important to the robust appearance of a landscape. Our professional staff favors the use of sustainable native plants and considers sun exposure, soil type, watering needs, organic fertilizing requirements, color, size and client preference when building or maintaining a commercial landscape.
  • Tree management. Petalon has certified arborists on staff who are extensively trained in the care of trees. Their expertise covers the gamut of tree management, including selecting appropriate trees for a property, caring for newly planted and mature trees, pruning, and relocating or removing trees.
  • Irrigation management. Water conservation is a priority for the Petalon team and the clients we serve. Small upgrades to existing water systems, including installation of drip irrigation and smart controllers that monitor weather conditions, can make big differences in water usage and utility bills.
  • Upkeep of pedestrian areas. Quality hardscaping such as walkways, water features and patios make outdoor areas more inviting for pedestrians, customers and tenants. Hardscapes also reduce overall water requirements but sometimes need repair, maintenance or upgrades.


California businesses increasingly demand natural methods of fertilizing and pest control for landscape maintenance over the use of poisons and chemicals. As a sustainable landscape contractor, Petalon recommends this organic approach for clients to reduce harmful impacts on the environment.
We implement integrated pest management as a way of controlling unwanted insects. Non-chemical methods such as the use of natural organisms or removing food sources are very effective.
For commercial clients throughout the Bay Area and in Fremont, Mountain View, Walnut Creek, Danville, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Palo Alto, Livermore, and Pleasanton, Petalon also recycles green waste, uses low-emission tools and equipment, and introduces drought-tolerant native plants into existing landscapes.
What are the important items to consider for your commercial landscape maintenance needs? Call 408-453-3998 today to talk to a Petalon Landscape Management professional.
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