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The Importance of Garage Door Sensors

Ensure Correct Repairs by Trained Technicians

The sensors on your garage doors perform two important functions: they control the door and help prevent personal injury and/or damage to your car and belongings. To prevent entrapment-related injuries and deaths, the Federal government made this important safety device mandatory in the early 1990s.
The experienced technicians at Madden Door explain how garage door sensors operate.

How Garage Door Sensors Work

Most manufacturers offer you the convenience of a keypad on the wall outside and a remote control option to open and close your garage doors. Sensors are a pair of “photo-eyes,” connected by an infrared beam, which must be able to “see” each other for the closing action to be complete. They are located less than six inches above the ground to prevent the weight of the garage door accidentally crushing children or pets. If an object or person interrupts this beam when you press the button, it signals the sensors to reopen instead of closing them.
Having the right garage door opener is also critical to operational efficiency and safety. At Madden Door & Sons, we have a full line of products with advanced features to monitor, open and close your garage doors. Visit our showroom to explore your options. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you select an opener that supports the weight of your door and meets your lifestyle needs.

Adjusting Your Garage Door Sensors 

Are your garage doors stuck and won’t open or shut properly? Misaligned or damaged photo-eyes might be causing the problem. When the eyes do not line up, an interrupted signal/beam results in a malfunctioning door.
These electric eyes are extremely delicate and sensitive. Alignment problems are, therefore, fairly common, particularly with DIY attempts. Without the proper tools and experience, you may damage your door and opener, or injure yourself. Do not put your safety at risk. Instead, trust a reliable company to repair your garage door.

Diamond Certified Company to Adjust Your Garage Door Sensors

Trusted by Bay Area Homeowners

Our experienced technicians will correctly diagnose and fix the problem. A thorough inspection will ensure the sensors and doors are working properly.
If replacement is necessary, your new garage doors come with a Diamond Certified®Performance Guarantee. We serve homeowners in Benicia, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, Rossmoor, Alamo, Diablo, San Ramon and Blackhawk, CA.
Call Madden Door & Sons at 925-357-9781 to adjust or fix your garage door sensors in the San Francisco Bay Area or inquire online about our services.
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Importance of Garage Door Sensors

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