How to Reach More People with Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook is a great place to meet new people. But you already know that. What gets trickier over time is finding new people that would make great customers in the future. Thankfully, Facebook thinks ahead and does an adequate job of offering marketing tools that help businesses connect with people and people connect with businesses. One of these tools is custom audiences.


Custom audiences is a feature that helps you get content in front of the right people. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can use this tool to increase visibility and reach.


Upsell Your Products


One of the best benefits to custom audiences is the ability to upsell your products and services. Let’s say that your brand sells outdoor summer gear. You can create a custom audience for everyone who purchases a beach towel and then target this audience with upsells. Perhaps a sand bucket or pair of goggles for beach towel buyers?

Target Traffic Sources


If you want to target traffic sources individually, you can easily do so. Start by creating one landing page for each traffic source, then build custom remarketing lists for each one. Now create campaigns based on the URL that people visit. The purpose of targeting individual traffic sources is to determine if customers coming from one source are different from those coming from Facebook. Based on what you find, you can customize your ads for each group.


Refine Target Groups


Audience Insights can be used for more than just discovering who likes your page. The feature helps you learn more about the characteristics of your audience such as where they’re coming from and what platform they used before you. You can create one custom audience for each platform to find additional target information.


Learn Visitor Behavior


Custom ads and landing pages can be created based on customer behavior. Starting with custom audiences, narrow down your choices by interest and behavior. Where are your customers from? What do they buy? What are they interested in? Use this information to create landing pages and ads, and use split testing to determine what your audience responds best to.


Custom audiences is a great tool that allows you to sell your products to the right people. There’s no harm in using the feature, so test it out and find things that work for you. The goal is to get as many targeted ads in front of the right people as often as possible. Don’t forget to continually adjust your ad sets to remain competitive, too.

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