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How to Optimize Your Blogs to Convert More Leads

How to Optimize Your Blogs to Convert More Leads

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One of the main purposes of having a blog is to bring in targeted traffic and then convert this traffic into leads. To help readers stay on track, many blogs contain a call-to-action of some sort that tells visitors what to do next. That conversion may be downloading an ebook, signing up for a free trial or buying a product.
In some lucky cases, you may have a visitor that converts right away. But in the majority of instances, it takes some nurturing to get the person to convert. How can you further nurture your readers so that they are more likely to follow through with the CTA?
Here are some simple but effective tactics that will help your blogs convert more leads.
Help Solve a Customer Pain Point
The best products are those that solve a problem. Not a problem that you’ve created, but a real customer problem. Think about the issues that your product or service helps people solve. It can help to list some of the most common pain points that your customers experience.
For example, if you sell organic pet food, some of the pain points your customers may have include:

  • How do I know if the product is organic?
  • What’s the difference between organic and regular pet food?
  • Which ingredients should be listed first on the food?

The goal is to create content around these issues. When potential customers search for answers to these questions, they will hopefully find your content.
Hook Readers with Emotion
Once you have visitors on your page, it’s up to you to keep them there. That’s not easy. But there are ways to hook readers in so that they stay on the page longer. One way to do this is by telling a story. Humans are naturally attracted to stories, and they help engage your audience and trigger emotions.
In this blog post, the author found that when he added a story to a blog post, the average time that people spent on the page increased by 520%, and nearly 300% more people scrolled to the bottom of the page.
Include an Image
Similar to a story, an image can help pull readers in. If you post a picture of people, for instance, it helps visitors relate the article to those people. You don’t have to post a photo of this sort (although pictures of faces are linked to higher conversion rates), but do make sure that whatever you post is personable and relatable. Additionally, opt for larger photos. They increase conversion rates, too.
Use Subheadings to Break Up Text
Visitors get overwhelmed when they see long paragraphs that aren’t broken up into blocks of scannable text. Assuming that the majority of people skim through your content, it’s important to choose a layout that is reader-friendly. Opt for subheadings that are bolded so that readers can find the most essential parts of your blog quickly. Bullet points are also useful for this purpose.
Never forget the importance of having a blog and contributing regular content to it. If you would like to learn more about converting more traffic into leads or enhancing your overall content marketing strategy, contact WSI Net Advantage at 510-687-9737.

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