How to Make Facebook Ads That Convert

If you’re already advertising on Facebook but haven’t seen the results you hoped for, it’s natural to feel discouraged. But don’t give up. Facebook ads are effective marketing tools. You may just need to adjust your strategy to see a better return on investment. By making the right changes, you can get more fans, leads and sales from your ad spending. What should those adjustments be? We have a few ideas to get you started!


Use Audience Insights


Facebook’s Audience Insights is an amazing tool. It allows you to learn about specific audiences before you use money on them. The information is available through existing Facebook data. It shows you exactly who your target audience is based on people who like your page. Rather than taking a shot in the dark, use Audience Insights to show who is most likely to follow through with your CTA. This saves time and money, plus allows you to focus on the quality of the ad rather than targeting.


Create Unique Ad Sets


Facebook’s advertising platform lets you create separate ads for unique audiences. Essentially, you can create two different ads and deliver them to two completely different audiences. You can also create the same ad and send it to two audiences. The result is better targeting. This feature allows you to push the same product or service in two different ways to see which yields better results.


Utilize Landing Pages


In most cases, you want to push an ad to your website through a landing page. Landing pages are beneficial because you can educate users before they buy. When you educate users, you can make their clicks count. Otherwise, sending them to a basic website or product page without any clear direction is wasting your money.


Add Images


Images matter in your ads. You don’t have to use an image of your business, either. You can use any image that pulls your audience in, such as those of people who would align with your product or service. If you sell window treatments, you can feature a picture of a couple hanging a set of blinds. Images are designed to grab attention, not convey a message. So take advantage of this.


Establish a Bid Strategy and Budget


Set a bid strategy and budget and stick to it. If you don’t, you’ll end up overspending. It’s like sending a kid into a candy store without a budget. Everything is going to look tempting, and it’s going to be difficult to say no. Fortunately, Facebook makes this easy for you by allowing you to use Optimized CPM. This tool gives you permission to bid for ad space based on your goals and constraints.

Despite your best efforts, Facebook ads can be tricky. Let WSI Net Advantage help you maximize your ads with our knowledge and expertise. Call us today at 510-687-9737 or fill out our contact form.

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