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How Does Heat Staking Work?

Heat staking is a method of joining two components of the same or varied materials without the use of adhesives or fasteners. It’s a relatively straightforward process using heat and force, and an integral part of many production lines.

Here’s what you need to know about heat staking.

What Is Heat Staking And What Materials Is It Used On?

Heat staking is a versatile and economical process to join materials by fitting a plastic stud (the boss) on one component into a hole in the second component and heating it to deform the boss which mechanically locks the two components into one unit.

Thermal press techniques that were developed originally in the 1970’s by Thermal Press International, are still the method of choice for engineers across the world. These heat-based staking methods also include hot-tool or thermal staking, impulse power, hot-air cold, infrared light and thermoforming. Each of these techniques work well with thermoplastic resins containing fillers such as glass or talc.

Heat staking is commonly applied to diverse materials including polyamide, ABS, acetal, polycarbonate, polyethylene, and polypropylene.

Even today, conventional heat staking remains a viable and economical choice for manufacturers. Read on for essential information on conventional heat staking methods and the applications that you should know.

How To Perform Heat Staking

Heat staking involves joining plastic components at pre-molded sites, forming a whole unit. The process works by inserting a plastic stud into a hole on the adjoining part, and then heating the plastic, which softens the component to make the head larger, thus holding the pieces firmly in place so that they are completely joined.  

Heat Insertion Tooling

Heat insertion tooling, such as the C-Series or H-Series from Thermal Press International, puts less stress on plastics with exceptionally thin walls when installing inserts.

Other methods can run the risk of rupturing the thin walls and ruining the intended product in the process. Thermal press equipment is the most recommended option for engineers who are concerned about the overall quality and durability of their products.

Choose An Industry Leader For Your Heat Staking

Heat staking is an important part of your production process and you know that precision is integral to successful production. Thermal Press International is an industry leader that you can trust to deliver the finest craftsmanship in equipment, tooling, and manufacturing consulting at competitive prices.

With our thermal press machinery, you’ll be able to produce high quality products in a rich variety of shapes and consistencies from different materials and resins with ease.  

Reach out to Thermal Press International today and learn about our heat staking equipment. You’ll receive premier customer service with competitive pricing.

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