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How Can a New Commercial Driveway Save You Money?

At American Asphalt, we understand why you may be skeptical about viewing a new commercial driveway as a money-saving investment. If you look beyond the surface, however, you’ll be quick to uncover the ways in which a new commercial driveway could offer a significant return on investment. How can a new commercial driveway save you money?

Improved Water Management Reduces Maintenance and Repairs

Proper drainage is one of the most critical facets of driveway design. Commercial driveways with poor drainage need more frequent maintenance and repairs than those that successfully manage water. Why? Standing water negatively impacts the surface of your driveway, breaking it down and leading to cracks and potholes.

A Smooth Driveway Surface Prevents Lawsuits

Cracked, hole-ridden, uneven driveway surfaces pose a trip and fall hazard to your employees and clients. Smooth, thoughtfully designed, well-maintained pavement help you avoid trip and fall injuries, and the damage to your reputation these lawsuits can create.

Environmentally Friendly Paving Solutions Qualify for Tax Credits

Certain pavement choices are porous, allowing water to run through (rather than over) your commercial driveway surface. Such green paving solutions reduce runoff, allowing water to be absorbed naturally into the soil. In addition to reducing the need and expense of drainage structures for water management, in some municipalities, green paving solutions could qualify you for a tax credit.

Professional Installation Ensures a Lasting Asphalt Surface

The asphalt contractor you choose plays a pivotal role in the outcome of your new driveway, and ultimately your return-on-investment. Expert design and installation are essential. Our skilled paving contractors understand local building code requirements and how to create custom asphalt mixes based on climate and soil type. We can design effective water management and grading plans, carefully installing and properly compacting sub-layers to support the integrity of your new commercial driveway.

How can a new commercial driveway save you money? Discover the difference driveway installation by our professional crew can make. Contact American Asphalt at 800-541-5559 today.

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