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Our client is a Northern California custom home builder with extensive experience, and specializes in a type of home design renovation that was developed in the 50’s and 60’s.

They had an antiquated website that was difficult to make changes with and was not optimized for developing new clients on Google. Their collection of images of their work was spectacular but they asked us to find a way to have more people see their work and ask them for quotes.


Our first step was to perform a competitive analysis. The results of the
review provided the client with information about other businesses
specializing in home renovation in their geographic area. We looked
at website quality, search engine competition, the use of advertising,
and social media. From this competitive review, we were able to formulate a plan that was affordable and focused. The reality is that they do not need hundreds of leads, but rather they needed a few good leads each month from homeowners who were seek- ing their particular services…and could afford them.

Due to their experience with advertising, we initially reviewed the site for items we could improve to make it more Google-friend- ly. There are lots of searches made each day for the services this company provided but the site was getting pushed down in rank- ings due to weak content and poor SEO practices.

Over the next few months we developed a beautiful new website that amplified the level of innovation and quality that goes into their home renovations and custom home building services. Along with the use of great images, we updated their services pages with search engine and reader-friendly content. We started blogging about the home styles they specialize in, and amplified the locality of their home renovation services.


The new website set a new standard for home builders in the area, with great pictures and stories, including video tes- timonials and tours with happy clients. The search engines appreciated our work by driving more relevant, quality traffic to the site and improving local search results outside of their own town and into other areas where their specialized home styles are also plentiful.

Next Steps

We continue to build out blogs and find new and exciting keywords that will generate relevant leads for the client. We will explore the use of social media, which usually consti- tutes a longer buyer’s cycle but can plant seeds for future prospective clients.


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