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High Tech Electronic Manufacturing in the Bay Area

“Imitation is the purest form of flattery”, said the English cleric Charles Caleb Cotton in the early 19th century. If that really is the case, we should be flattered! What started as a novel approach to beat the trends of sourcing electronic assembly from abroad has turned into a business model now copied by other startups in the Bay Area.

What Sonic Manufacturing has done that is different from everybody else is embrace change in an industry that considers it a dirty word. For companies who are always striving to push down the bottom-line, re-forecasting and order adjustments simply don’t work in traditional, waterfall methodologies. The difference Sonic brings to the table is an agile and lean production process.


Change is inevitable, but for supply chain and manufacturing operations, they can be business killers. It’s the nature of the business. Lines require retooling in order to adapt to changes, shutting down production for a period before new runs come online. At Sonic, this isn’t a big deal. In fact, it’s something we thrive on.

Technology Drives the Agile Facility and Manufacturing Processes

We are the leading electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider in the Bay Area and our ingenuity has prompted other companies to copy our model.

According to a report published by the Bay Area Council’s Economic Institute, production and manufacturing is coming home. The report came 20 years after we had already successfully weathered the offshore storms and delivered a solution to companies that specialize in global innovation.


Three men started Sonic in 1996 with a vision that technology could actually deliver on the change-management capabilities it promised. This led to a supply chain solution that is intelligent enough to place 70% of all orders and constantly monitors the data to self-correct according to change.

It also resulted in a factory of 85,000 square feet that houses eight surface mount production lines. While production continues unabated, introducing new prototypes or manufacturing test runs happens with little or no fanfare. Outbound logistics hum along clearing the bays and delivering products in as little as one day lead times.


We provide all the services you may require as a peak production and manufacturing facility, but we don’t scoff at incubators and startups. Using the same assembly lines for both prototypes and the actual manufacturing, we don’t just test your product’s design feasibility—we determine how to build them quickly and cost-effectively, implementing changes rapidly.

New product introductions go through the analysis cycle quickly, speeding up your release to market. Manufacturing products using the benefits of close-proximity sourcing and an international buying office enables us to deliver on time, on budget and at the exact quantities you require.


We serve the Bay Area including San Jose and Silicon Valley as well as Sacramento and Salt Lake City from our headquarters in Fremont, CA. With a seasoned team of experts and a willing attitude to do what’s required, we have provided the industry with a model worthy of copying.

Our services include every facet of the product design and manufacturing lifecycle, including component sourcing and finalization such as packaging and labeling. For electronic manufacturing that delivers quality products quickly, we set the trends that currently drive Silicon Valley’s electronic manufacturing industry.

For expert advice and guidance throughout the new product introduction process, contact Sonic Manufacturing Technologies on (510) 580-8500 or today.

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