Helpful Tools for Finding Your Site’s Best Keywords

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Keyword marketing to develop stronger SEO or SEM results means knowing what the best keywords are for your site based on the content and your target audience. That can be a challenge at times.

Here are some useful, easily accessible tools to help you determine which keywords will work best for your site and niche, and which will best attract the target audience you’re in search of.

Probably one of the oldest online tools, Wordtracker’s free keyword suggestion tool allows you to type in a keyword and receive a list of actual search terms in return. While this is still a good choice, there are other tools that provide more advanced keyword information you may need.

SEOTools’ Keyword Density Analyzer Tool lets you locate the most common words and search phrases used on a website page. While you certainly don’t want to puttoo much focus on keyword density, it is helpful to recognize the density of keywords on higher ranking website as well as your own to ensure your site doesn’t appear to be keyword stuffed.

The keyword finder from offers keyword suggestions along with the total number of daily searches for the chosen keyword or phrase, as well as a Monthly Keyword Trend for the keyword. This is a very helpful tool to assist in keeping your keywords valid.

There are also software programs that you can download and run on your computer to help you discover and analyze your keywords. Download a free trial of Keyword Strategy Studio and discover a large variety of valuable information about the keywords you’ve chosen.

Or visit where you view the top 500 keywords in the last 48 hours or the last 90 days. Both of these results will provide useful information when you’re searching for trends in keyword searches, especially.

Obviously, there are a number of helpful tools to assist you in finding the correct keywords and key phrases for your site. Using them properly will help raise your site to the top of search engine results for your chosen terms, so get busy and find the ones that are most appropriate for your site and put those keywords to work for you today.

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