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Healthy Foods for Studying

To succeed in the classroom, middle and high school students need the right fuel for body and mind.
Families with busy schedules often find it easier to eat out, or rely on processed or microwavable foods for meals. However, with a little planning, you can provide your children with a healthy diet for studying at school and at home while promoting good eating habits for a lifetime.

Eating Right, the Foundation for Academic Achievement

A growing consensus among health experts is that too much processed food and sugar harms cognitive abilities and leads to long-term problems such as diabetes. Along with reducing the amount of sugar students consume, the administrators and teachers at Alsion Montessori recommend these ideas on eating habits to boost classroom achievement:

  • Snack the right way. A little nibbling while hitting the books is fine,you’re your students should replace sugar-rich cookies or candy with tasty alternatives. Our suggestions; carrot sticks, cheese slices, bananas, or apples with a dollop or two of peanut butter or hummus. It’s a tasty twist that provides good nutrition and a boost of energy for added focus.
  • Give breakfast more thought. Stop serving doughnuts, sugary cereals or jams and jellies in the morning. Rye toast with low-sugar Greek yogurt or natural peanut butter keeps up energy levels until lunch. A healthy kale or spinach-based smoothie works for many students who aren’t big on breakfast. Eggs in any form provide much-needed protein.
  • Divide three into five, or six, or seven. Many young people prefer to eat several smaller meals a day, instead of three large ones. Prepare food ahead of time that your students can eat after school or anytime during the day. With multiple meals, your students will also be less likely to seek out fast food or candy to fill their stomachs.
  • Avoid late-night binges. A heavy meal before bedtime can make it harder to get a good night’s rest. In addition, along with a nutritious diet, students need adequate sleep to do well in the classroom. A rule of no snacking an hour or 90 minutes before bed allows their body to slowly relax and prepare for sleep.

Good Food, Good Grades

Middle and high school students can be very fussy when it comes to the food they eat. The Alsion Montessori staff understands that getting them to choose healthy foods for studying can be a process, but the effort is worth it. Students with proper diets are more attentive, energetic, and get better grades.
Visit Alsion Montessori’s Fremont campus today. Call 510-445-1127 today to schedule an appointment.
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