Google Changes the SEO Game Again

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, November 16, 2010 

You may recall our September 14th post on the launch of Google Instant, Google’s advanced search engine that returns search results with each letter you type, and our follow up post a month after its launch on how it had improved the likelihood of businesses connecting with their ideal clients. Well, it’s been another month and courtesy of the Google geniuses, we’ve got another update: Instant Previews.

Instant Previews is shaking up the SEO world once again as the concept of web design comes back into focus. Because Instant Previews allows Google users to get a sneak peek at the websites in their search results, now not only can they opt to skip or visit your site based on the value of your title and description, they can check out your design before they ever click your link.

Now, some may argue that content is key and that when it comes to a website’s value, design is secondary, and that’s ultimately true. (Clichés like “lipstick on a pig” come to mind.) However, people like pretty. Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all got a little magpie in us and we’re drawn to shiny, attractive things – and so are your clients and potential customers.

Think about it; corporations devote entire departments to creating, updating and maintaining their websites with a team specifically focused on making sure they’re attractive and user-friendly. Why? Because: design is important.

The thing is, when your ideal client does a search for your products or services, your competition comes up in the list of results with you. Thanks to Google Instant Previews, the deciding factor in which link they choose may very well be the design, especially if your site’s content is comparable in value to the others. It’s definitely something to think about. By the way, since the previews shown are not necessarily of the homepage, every page on your site needs to be taken into consideration. 



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