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GIS Mapping, a Tool for Better Landscape Management

Gachina Landscape Management uses cutting-edge GIS mapping technology to improve the way we manage our client’s properties, and save time and money, too.
Along with modern irrigation techniques, Geographic Information System mapping has revolutionized landscaping in the 21st century. Through GIS, Gachina has instant access to an enormous database that includes maps and other details of a client’s property.
The maps are dynamic and display features such as topography, border walls, buildings and trees. By clicking on a specific area, a user calls up information typically hidden from view, such as locations of underground irrigation infrastructure.
The range of information available through the GIS can be customized to the preference of each client.
Gachina was among the first landscape contractors to see the value of GIS mapping. Initially used by governmental agencies to track and locate assets such as utility lines, GIS mapping has enabled our professionals to assist clients in making more informed choices when planning and upgrading landscapes.

How GIS Mapping Benefits Gachina’s Clients

GIS mapping makes life easier for both Gachina Landscape Management and our clients. Here is an example of how the mapping technology saves time and money and eliminates guesswork:

  • A Gachina landscape professional working on the site of a large corporate client notices that begonias in a remote corner of the business’ campus appear to be dying. It seems the plants are not getting watered regularly. Using the GIS application from his mobile phone, the Gachina employee is able to view a digital map of the problem area and pinpoint which sprinkler heads are not working. He notifies the property manager of the problem, relaying the map and additional information. Because he was able to identify the exact sprinkler location, the Gachina employee is able to make the repair right away, with virtually no disruption to the busy property manager’s day.

GIS technology is also valuable when planning new irrigation systems. Clients may share information with other contractors, too. For example, a builder can review the database to learn where irrigation assets are located before excavating.
Gachina professionals install GIS software and train your employees to use it. Call 866-848-4634 today to learn more about how GIS mapping makes managing your landscape simpler.
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