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Get Your Kids To Relax This Summer

Many parents, concerned their children will forget school lessons over summer break, eagerly investigate activities that keep students academically engaged.
At Alsion Montessori Middle/High School, we view the time between school years as an opportunity for students to unwind while participating in activities that offer fun alternatives to classroom learning. Young people who enjoy a summer of pursuits markedly different than those they experience in school enter the fall semester better prepared physically and emotionally.
Here’s how to get your kids to relax this summer while keeping them mentally sharp while school is out:

  • Avoid over-scheduling. The school year can be hectic for students. Summer should be a period of relaxation for students. Plan nothing for the kids for several hours, or even an entire day. Young people can keep busy by coming up with activities on their own. Time spent with friends, which may seem unproductive to parents, teaches social skills.
  • Allow them to pick a project. Students are surprisingly resourceful when given a chance to choose what they wish to do during the summer. Activities such as keeping a journal or swimming at the local pool are inexpensive and easy to arrange. Painting a mural with others or building a scrapbook promote creativity and can be as rewarding as any school project.
  • Encourage reading for pleasure. Reading is the basis of a well-rounded education, so plan a weekly trip to the library with your students. Let them pick any reading material they want, even comic books, then set aside reading time.
  • Go on a vacation. A short vacation is a wonderful respite and can be educational, too. For example, while visiting grandparents include a lesson on your family’s history.

Our Goal: Well-Rounded Students

Alsion Montessori Middle School, established in 2001, aims to prepare students for adulthood by promoting their physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.
During the school year, we fulfill our mission with a well-rounded curriculum that includes activities such as clubs, gardening, and challenging courses. When the school year is over, the Alsion staff encourages parents to get their kids to relax during the summer with a flexible schedule and personal projects.
For more information on our Bay Area private school, or to schedule a visit to our Fremont campus, call 510-445-1127 today.
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