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Kevin-Dean Internet Marketing Speaker, Trainer, and PresentationsKevin Dean hosted his quarterly Advanced Internet Marketing Techniques seminar last week at Silicon Valley SCORE.  He has been speaking at SCORE for more than 10 years, presenting best practices and core principles of Internet Marketing to prospective, new and experienced business owners seeking ways to stay on top of what is going on.

It sounds like attendees enjoyed the seminar!  Here are some of the comments:

Speaker Rating: 5 (Excellent)
Comments:  Overall an outstanding session, well taught with very relevant examples.

Speaker Rating: 5
Comments:  Overall very well thought of and presented. SEO section was very helpful.  This seminar can be restructured to be a full or half day. In 3 hours we covered so much but yet I left feeling that we could have spent another 2-3 hours easily. Internet marketing is growing and changing very fast, and it is very valuable to all businesses.

Speaker Rating: 5
Comments:  Could not be more glad I took this class and Kevin was the perfect teacher!

Comments:  I would rate this class as 5 for excellent.  I got a ton of information which will take me a long time to process.  I had my specific questions about website optimization answered, and gained information I hadn’t considered.  The least helpful to me was social media overview, simply because I don’t plan to use this in my business anytime soon.  But I was glad to learn about it anyway.  Kevin was engaging and believable.

Speaker Rating: 5

If you are seeking a speaker with more than 12 years of experience in Internet Marketing and likes to present, contact Kevin Dean for your business meeting, trade show, or other educational event.


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