Fresh and Original Content will Boost Your SEO

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Discovering how well fresh and original content will boost your SEO is one of the most profitable lessons you’ll learn about doing business online. Original content (while not fully “original”) is typically content about topics that haven’t been overdone by other writers, and if they have, they haven’t been written about in the same way that you write them.

For example, the Internet is filled with articles about SEO. Few of those articles, however, discuss the importance of fresh content rather than the strategy of layout, keywords, etc. Most of them deal with where to put your keywords, how many keywords you should use, what kind of keywords are best, or tracking keywords. Few articles deal with the importance of original content in your SEO strategies.

Writing fresh content becomes a problem when trying to find a good topic. Writer’s block is so common, and it hinders the writing process so badly that it takes superhuman effort just to write 300 words, let alone fresh ones. Here are ideas to help you get past writer’s block and get back to real writing. Adapt them, or use them as they are. Consider writing about…

• an article you thoroughly enjoyed

• a post on one of your favorite blogs

• a post on a blog you found annoying

• a book in your niche that you just finished

• a recent news item

• organizing your workspace

• helping your readers make your website better meet their needs

• a lesson your favorite TV show can teach your target audience

• several links to popular resources you use regularly

• a quote from a movie that inspires you

• an order you received from a new client

• a pet peeve as it ties somehow to your niche

• something that motivates you continually

• a repeat client

• money saving ideas for your niche

• a funny thing that happened on the way to your office

• top 10 sites in your niche

• top five articles you found

• a local or national trade show you took part in

• a website you wish you owned

• the lousiest website you’ve ever seen

• your most recent project

Always put your own slant on any topic you write about. It’s your ideas, insights, personality and knowledge that will make your writing the most original, and that will improve your SEO efforts more than anything else you can do.



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