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Fix That Pet Door before Winter Sets In

Pet doors that are damaged, worn, poorly installed or not properly maintained can be big energy-wasters in your home. A-1 On Track has a few suggestions to help you fix that pet door and prevent the winter winds from coming inside.
The most common problem with a dog or cat door: A flap that seals poorly and allows cold air inside.
The flap is relatively easy to replace on most pet doors. Simply loosen the screws around the flap, slip it out, and replace with a new flap that can be purchased at most pet stores. Be certain to tighten the screws so that your pet does not loosen the flap.
In some cases, complete removal of the pet door is required in order to replace the flap.
Even pet doors that feature wood or vinyl doors that close tightly can waste energy. If your pet door is installed in a wall or door, check for gaps around the edge of the pet door frame that will let cold air in.
Apply caulk or install weather stripping around the pet door frame for a tight, weatherproof seal.
If you have a single-flap pet door that is not designed to insulate against cold air, you may want to consider replacing it with a higher-quality double-flap door that creates an insulating air pocket between flaps.
If you don’t want to fix that pet door yourself, or need a new pet door installed, call the professionals at A-1 On Track today at 408-866-0267.
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