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Five Top Items to Check with a New Garage Door Installation

What You Should Know About Your Garage Door Installation

Homeowners should note these five aspects of garage door installation:

  • Door size. Older homes with non-standard openings often require customized garage doors. On newer homes, openings are generally standardized. Regardless of the age of your home, a contractor should measure the opening to be sure your door fits well. Garage headroom should be spacious enough to accommodate the door’s operating mechanism.
  • Door fit. Rollers that fit snugly into the tracks ensure the door closes completely, with no side or bottom gaps. Moving components that fit well will last longer. 
  • Securely anchored rails. ’t fall out of alignment. Uneven or loose tracks cause the door to come crashing down or result in premature wear on rollers and other door components. 
  • Safety features. We’re all concerned about the safe operation of garage doors. Fortunately, modern garage doors include many features that prevent inadvertent injuries. All doors require a reverse function, probably the most familiar safety feature. This function stops or reverses a door in motion that touches an object, such as a bicycle, or when an object breaks the door’s light beam. The ability to release the system and open or shut the door manually is another valuable safety feature.

Contact Madden for Expert Garage Door Installation

Any garage door, even an expensive one, develops problems if improperly installed. Hiring a contractor who pays attention to the details of garage door installation protects your investment. Contact a Madden Door representative to learn more about the five top items to check with a new garage door installation. Email us today, or call 925-357-9781.
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