Fine Tune Your LinkedIn Profile to Increase Connections

One of the primary goals of having a LinkedIn account is to grow your connections. Your connections will in turn be supporters of your brand and perhaps even customers one day. LinkedIn is a bit drier compared to other social networks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an exciting, lively profile that encourages more connections. In fact, you can now add a background image to bring more color and personality to your page.

Let’s take a look at a few other tips for fine tuning your LinkedIn account so that you won’t have a problem finding quality connections.

It’s All in the Details

The benefit to LinkedIn is that you’re free to write a lot of content about your brand, your experience, your culture, etc. Other networks limit you, so there’s not a lot that people can learn from your profile alone. Use this strength to your advantage and post interesting facts, information and statistics that people would be interested in knowing about your brand.

Use Images to Capture Attention

LinkedIn leaves plenty of room for visuals, so be sure to add them into your posts. Choose compelling, high-quality images to boost visibility and increase the likelihood that your content will be shared. Infographics are especially engaging on the business network.

Provide Professional Content

You know that the majority of your LinkedIn audience will be professional in nature, so make sure your content fits this demographic. Post content that offers a solution to common problems for your audience, and make sure it’s informational and contains supporting facts and statistics. Examples include case studies, white papers, blog posts, etc.

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Utilize Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are an extension of your Company Page, and they are an excellent way to highlight some of your best products. They let you customize your messages and engage with different audiences, too. If you sell marketing automation software, for example, you could market a certain product to new customers and another product to repeat customers. Take advantage of showcase pages, especially if you’re already using Sponsored Updates, Sponsored InMail or other display advertising products.

Post Short and Sweet Updates

No need to be lengthy in your posts. Make them short and sweet so that they increase click-through rates. An example includes a simple title, an interesting image and a short lead that lets people know what they will be reading about. Also be sure to post your best content since the goal is to generate more quality leads.

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