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Fall Tree Health Care Tips for Commercial Properties


The trees on your San Jose area commercial property are only as good as the care and attention they receive. A comprehensive arbor care service during fall will promote healthy, vibrant trees, while also prepping them for the season ahead. Petalon’s landscape management professionals offer useful fall tree health care tips for commercial properties.


Seasonal changes often take a toll on tree structures and soil composition in your San Jose area commercial property. Here are some fall tree health care tips that can help ensure vigorous tree growth and a flourishing landscape next spring.

  • Fall fertilization: San Jose’s hot summers can be quite stressful for the trees on your commercial property. Applying a slow-release fertilizer will replace the nutrients lost during the summer heat and help feed your trees through the winter months. Also, fall fertilization will improve tree resistance to insects, diseases and any extreme weather conditions in the cooler months ahead.
  • Generous hydration: If there is any time of the year that your trees need a hearty gulp of water, it is in the fall. Well-hydrated trees will do much better during the cooler months than trees with parched roots. In fact, recently planted trees, drought stressed trees, or properties that lack an irrigation system will greatly benefit from the ‘subsurface watering’ technique. Essentially, this involves using an injection probe to properly drench the top 12 inches of soil. This is the area where your trees need the most water. Talk to us about irrigation system design and installation.
  • Fall pruning: By mid to late fall when the trees are almost bare, you can easily sight the presence of nests, pests or pest eggs, and dead or dying branches. Since trees with weakened structures may not be able to withstand storms or heavy rains, fall is the best time to get rid of hazardous or pest-ridden branches. Besides, pruning in the fall is particularly easier for the trees that lose leaves, as it exposes their structures beneath.  
  • Winter prep: While San Jose winters are mild, cool, and usually wet, the occasional winter storm may bring strong winds and plenty of rain. Hence, fall may also be a good time for additional support systems, such as tree cabling, bracing or staking. Furthermore, fall is an excellent time to plant new trees, because they can develop an abundant root mass during the relatively dormant winter months.

Hiring a professional arbor care company, such as Petalon Landscape Management Inc. can help address your commercial property’s tree care needs all year round. Take advantage of our comprehensive tree services including:

  • Tree selection and planting
  • Pest and disease control
  • Tree removal and relocation
  • Tree care solutions, including deep root fertilization, pruning, staking, and special care for ornamental, heritage or fruit-bearing trees.

Our trusted network of ISA-certified arborists offer expert tree care solutions to help you maintain healthy and flourishing commercial properties.

Property owners, developers and managers across the San Jose area rely on our efficient and cost-effective, full-service arbor care programs. We offer services throughout San Jose, Livermore, Fremont, Pleasanton, Mountain View, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Redwood City, and Gilroy.

To book a fall arbor care service or get more fall tree health care tips for your San Jose area commercial property, call 408-453-3998 or contact us online.

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