Facebook Marketing Tips You Can’t Be Without

Would you like to improve your Facebook marketing? Of course you would! Facebook is a great platform for connecting with your audience and increasing engagement, but the same tried-and-true tactics can become stale over time. Do you ever wonder what other people are doing?


Below are some tips that will help you navigate the marketing side of Facebook – all approved from the pros!


Don’t be Afraid to Use Boosted Posts


You may have been advised not to use the boosted posts on Facebook, but don’t take this so literally. You need to find what works for your brand, and testing the waters with a $20 boosted post is a good place to start. Boosted posts can be effective by increasing sales, generating leads and creating engagement. If you have a new product you want to share, don’t be afraid to boost the post by targeting fans and their friends.


Learn About Your Audience


The best way to optimize your content is by understanding your audience, the questions they ask and the things they are interested in. Facebook’s Audience Insights makes this possible. You can see what your audience likes and engages with so that you can build an accurate customer profile. Going forward, you’ll know whether or not to use more rich media, run contests and so forth.


Get Acquainted with ActionSprout


Very few users will actually go to your Facebook page to interact with you. Instead, they do so through the news feed. This is fine, until you want to run a contest, ask for users to sign a petition or support a project. For example, if you run a photo contest, users will have to visit a custom tab and upload a photo and submit a contest entry.


Using the ActionSprout tool, users can interact directly through the news feed. When they click on the action, they will be directed to a single page to complete the action. ActionSprout doesn’t always need to be used, and it shouldn’t replace custom tabs. But it can be a nice way to increase engagement with certain posts.


Use Split Testing to Find the Best Keywords
Keywords still matter since you can link your content with the types of words and keywords that your audience is searching for. When you find the perfect keywords, your Facebook ads will be more effective, and you won’t be wasting money. The best way to determine which keywords are best is by split testing. Determine which ads perform the best and receive the cheapest website clicks. Split testing isn’t difficult, and it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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