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Drought Resistant Landscaping For HOAs

Although the rains have returned to California, homeowner associations in the Bay Area still desire the benefits of drought-resistant landscaping.
Water conservation is now common practice in our state. HOA managers and tenants realize that even when precipitation is plentiful, an earth-friendly landscape of native plants and shrubs using minimal irrigation is not an option, but a requirement.
A varied and colorful drought-resistant landscape also saves money while reflecting well on your HOA. It can be a strong selling point to prospective renters and buyers who appreciate an association that is mindful of the environment.
If you are a Bay Area HOA property manager or board member, Petalon Landscape Management invites you to meet with our team and discuss the wide-ranging benefits of a comprehensive, water-saving landscape renovation. We can design and install a landscape customized to your specifications.


These are the basic steps Petalon Landscape Management takes when replacing traditional, water-wasting plants with a drought-resistant landscape:

  • Reducing or eliminating lawn areas and replacing with ground cover material and native shrubs and plants. Grass is easily the thirstiest element in your landscape. Simply cutting back on the size of a lawn is a huge water-saver that has a significant effect on your utility bills.
  • Installing cutting-edge irrigation technology that promotes efficient water use while adjusting for changes in weather. Smart controllers facilitate precise watering by measuring conditions such as soil moisture, slope, and temperature. Special sprinkler nozzles and drip irrigation are designed to deliver water more directly to plant and shrub roots.
  • Reviving your landscape with a program of regular maintenance. We offer planning and planting ideas for cost efficient replacement of older plants and trees. Our professionals use natural methods to mitigate plant damage by pests, keep your grounds fertilized, and make prompt repairs and adjustments to your irrigation system. The result: A more vibrant, healthier landscape.

A drought-resistant landscape is perfectly fine for pets, too. Ground covers such as dymondia work just as well as grass as a place for dogs to do their business.
Installing drought-resistant landscaping for HOAs need not be costly. Petalon Landscape Management can complete your beautiful landscaping project within your budget. Call 408-453-3998 today.
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