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Driveways Impact the Selling Price of Your Home

Driveways Impact the Selling Price of Your Home: 3 Tips to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Are you getting ready to move? Driveways impact the selling price of your home! A cracked or washed out driveway will not only lower the value, but in some cases, it may be the deal breaker. Resealing, repairing or replacing your driveway before the ‘for sale’ sign goes up, on the other hand, could help sell your home faster.  Potential buyers look at the outside of your home first. The entrance creates that all-important first impression about your property. A well-maintained asphalt or concrete driveway will enhance your home’s curb appeal and can raise its value. Our paving experts share 3 valuable tips to help your property make that big impact.

  1. Repair: Cracks or potholes in your driveway are not only unsightly but unsafe as well. Buyers are likely to think that your home is poorly maintained and in bad shape—just like your driveway. An unfavorable first impression is hard to get rid of and tends to shift the focus onto the negative aspects of your property. Repairing the cracks and potholes and resurfacing your driveway will make it look fresh, attractive and welcoming. It can usually be done in a day and is well worth the effort.
  2. Resurfacing: A faded and washed out driveway is almost as terrible as a cracked and broken one. Curb appeal aside, it reflects poorly on you as an owner. The question to ask yourself here is whether you would buy a house with a shabby driveway. Resurfacing your driveway will make it look like new again. At the very least, it will help create positive interest in your home. The more buyers that look at it, the better your chances of a higher sale price.
  3. Replacing: Do you believe that driveway replacement is expensive? Prospective buyers might feel the same way and this could deter them from purchasing your home. The situation is similar to selling a house with a roof or windows in need of replacement. With buyers carefully scrutinizing both the outside and inside of your property, any improvements or repairs you can make to increase property value will be worth the cost and the effort.

American Asphalt is a trusted local paving company providing high-quality driveway installation, repair and maintenance services in the Bay Area. Expert workmanship, advanced asphalt and concrete paving solutions like our slurry sealcoating, and special finishes help you improve the attractiveness and value of your property. We offer a unique 3-year warranty on new installations.
Customers across the Bay Area, including those in Hayward, San Jose, Fremont, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Leandro, Newark, Union City, Gilroy, Palo Alto, Marin County, San Mateo, Burlingame, and Walnut Creek areas rely on our driveway installation, repair and maintenance services to enhance curb appeal and property value.
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