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Does Remarketing Work, Or is it Annoying?

Does Remarketing Work, Or is it Annoying?

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Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools for marketers, but it comes with a cost. If it’s not used properly, remarketing can be downright annoying for customers. Fortunately, we’re here to give you some pointers. You can make remarketing work for your business without it giving potential customers a bad taste in their mouths.
Let’s get started.
What is Remarketing?
Remarketing keeps your brand in front of interested prospects by dropping a cookie on their computer after they visit your website. You can manage different cookies for different parts of your website if your site attracts very different prospects seeking differentiated services or products. For instance, when a visitor stops at your site for boots, a specific display ad related to boots (even the boots they looked at) could be presented to the visitor in the future.
Does your service you sell have a longer buying cycle and numerous competitors in the space? Ads about your company or specific services will show more often to the visitor as they visit other sites on the Internet. It makes you look bigger and can drive home your brand and your message.
How Well Does Remarketing Work?
To begin, if you can use remarketing for your products or services, then you absolutely should. Remarketing does work, as it allows you to take advantage of all of your site traffic. Think about all the people who visit your website but don’t convert. Imagine being able to capture more of these people and get cheaper clicks, too!
Not only does remarketing work, but it works well. That said, there are factors that can make you more or less successful, such as your sales cycle, conversion goals and the time you put into building your lists. Some of these things are out of control, but some are not. To make remarketing most successful, be prepared to put the time into building complete, detailed Audience lists.
What are the Benefits to Remarketing?
Let’s go over some additional benefits to remarketing.

  • More brand exposure. At the very least, you keep potential customers connected to your brand so that they may buy from you in the future.
  • Better targeting. You can better connect with prospects by knowing their demographics or interests. With targeting options, you can personalize your messaging and speak directly to your customers.
  • Flexible budgeting. You have complete control over how much you want to spend on a remarketing campaign. There are also built-in tools that help you make the right spending decisions.
  • Improved conversion rates. With more brand exposure, you’re bound to get higher conversions. Plus, the clicks are cheaper because the people you are targeting are already familiar with your brand.

Will My Prospects Think I’m Annoying?
Now for the big question: Is remarketing annoying to your customers?
It can be. This really depends on your customers and how well you know them.
For the most part, people aren’t that bothered by remarketed ads. They are used to seeing them, and at the very least, they remember your brand and that’s it. In the best case, a customer will return to your site and complete their purchase. This happens a lot. Sometimes, people just aren’t ready to make the purchase, and a retargeted ad and small incentive can make the difference.
However, being too aggressive with remaking can hurt your business because it can annoy customers. Analyze your reach and frequency to get a better idea of whether or not you could be bothering people. If you are, you may have to employ a frequency cap on your ads.
Of course, you can always get insight and expert advice from WSI Net Advantage. We thoroughly understand how to make remarketing campaigns work without ruining customer relationships. Fill out our contact form or give us a call today at 510-687-9737.

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