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Do I Need A CDL To Rent A Truck?

When is a CDL Required to Rent a Truck?

Sometimes you need to rent a bigger truck for an uptick in deliveries or for larger cargo than you regularly haul. For large commercial truck rentals you may wonder, is a commercial driver’s license (CDL) required to secure a truck?

CDL Requirements Depend on GVWR

Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is a static number that dictates the maximum safe operating weight of vehicles including the weight of the vehicle, cargo, passengers, and fuel. This total determines a commercial vehicle’s class:

  • Light-Duty – No CDL Required
    • Class 1: 0-6,000-lbs
    • Class 2: 6,001-10,000-lbs
    • Class 3: 10,001-14,000-lbs
  • Medium-Duty – No CDL Required
    • Class 4: 14,001-16,000-lbs
    • Class 5: 16,001-19,500-lbs
    • Class 6: 19,501-26,000-lbs
  • Heavy-Duty – Class B CDL Required*
    If you opt for these heavy-duty vehicles to reduce pickup trips or increase accessibility, you will need a Class B CDL.
    • Class 7: 26,001-33,000-lbs
    • Class 8: 33,001-lbs or more, including all tractor-trailers

Diamond Sales Has You Covered, CDL or No

Whether you have a CDL or not, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers an array of options to meet your commercial rental needs. No CDL? Though exact GVWR and classification vary slightly by model year, generally, you can drive a truck up to 20 feet in length without a CDL. Need a larger truck? We offer vehicles up to 32 feet for those with Class B CDL licensure.

What If I Have a Class A CDL?

Because a Class A CDL is typically used by commercial drivers operating vehicles over 26,001 lbs. such as tractor-trailers, tankers, livestock haulers, and flatbeds, a Class A CDL will typically allow you to operate smaller Class B commercial vehicles.

Not sure if your preferred truck requires a CDL? The experts at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso can help. Contact us at 408-263-7300 for assistance finding your ideal rental today.

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