Direct Mail and Email Promotional Campaigns to be Remembered

Product and service promotions that include direct mail and email campaigns are an inexpensive and effective way to diversify your marketing efforts. We build direct and email promotional campaigns to be remembered.

The team at Pacific Color Graphics can design and launch a direct marketing strategy that offers your business tangible, ongoing results. We support direct campaigns by providing quality printing and mailing services that provide personalized, targeted communication with potential consumers.

Marketing campaigns that feature direct mail postcards and emails can easily be customized to each customer or potential customer, and narrowed to select audiences most likely to use your product or services. Successful campaigns feature a number of channels for potential consumers to conveniently respond on their smartphones or other devices using coupon codes, website landing pages, texting or phone numbers.

Direct marketing campaigns are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and offer quantifiable results. For example, a 300-postcard mailing campaign that yields 55 responses has a success rate of 18 percent. The success of email campaigns also can be easily measured through open rates and click-throughs.

Once responses begin to roll in, Pacific Color Graphics is ready with followup services that include:

  • Promotional items. We have the capability of printing your logo, slogan or message on a variety of items that consumers desire – sporting goods, clothing, household and office products. Quality promotional items are a great incentive for consumers to respond to your initial communication.
  • Fulfillment services. A direct marketing campaign is only as successful as its fulfillment services. Pacific Color Graphics offers professional order, mailing, distribution and fulfillment services that save you money and enable your small or modestly sized business to level the field against larger competitors.

Pacific Color Graphics is a graphics printing company that offers a range of marketing services, including direct mail and email promotional campaigns to remember, for clients with all types of budgets. Call 888-551-1482 today to speak to a member of the Pacific Color Graphics team.


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