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LinkedIn Profile Management Services

Looking for Some Help Gaining Traction with LinkedIn?

Would your entire team like more training to optimize their use of LinkedIn?

Try our LinkedIn Profile Management or Training Services!

Successful LinkedIn Profile Management is HARD – it is time consuming, requires new content, and if you have less than 200 or 300 connections it is unlikely anyone is seeing your posts!

Our Team Training:

  • Starts at the beginning for some to catch up and others to refresh their knowledge
  • Then we go into building a Profile people want to read
  • Learn to use Search to help find prospects
  • Company page best practices
  • Sales Navigator training, if desired

If we manage your services,

  • You will get interesting, new content to establish your expertise
  • We will post the content for you
  • Your Connection Network will Grow Each Month for larger distribution to targeted prospects
  • Your Social Media will be Alive and Interactive
  • You will be The Expert that people want to talk to!

This System Is Perfect for:

  • Business Owners / CEO’s
  • Marketing Executives
  • Sales Managers / Account Managers
  • Recruiters
  • HR Professionals

Here’s Some LinkedIn Data That You Need to Know:

  • 7 out of 10 Professionals read or watch news, articles, blogs, etc. on a weekly basis
  • Sales Professionals top the list with ~50% reading or watching professional news daily
  • Industry-specific news and articles were rated the highest as the type of content that professionals find most interesting (73%) and also likely to share (74%)

Here is a sample that includes fresh content, image and follow up!

linked in professionally managed update services san jose
Sample Posting

What Makes Our LinkedIn Managed Profile Service Great?

  • You don’t have to come up with topics
  • We add images! (they get greater views and click through’s)
  • Your account is active at least 3X per week!
  • You will get great new content that you can use for emails, blogs AND social media
  • You will be connected with REAL people – we don’t fill your connections with people who are of no value to you!
  • First contact will be followed up and communicate with you when they want to meet you!
  • No sweat on your part! We work autonomously.

Give us a try!

Fill out the form and let’s talk about getting you more Leads from LinkedIn, or call us directly at 510-687-9737 Today!