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Executive Linked In Profile Management Services

Executive Linked In Profile Management Services

Linked In is the spot to be for networking, connecting, and learning about people you’ve met.  Just like you use it for other professionals you meet, they use it on your team!  Senior executives, sales professionals, Human Resource managers…customer and business facing staff are reviewed daily by prospects, customers and potential hires! Linked In Profile Management Services 1
What do people look for on Linked In?Visitors to your Linked In post are trying to see your experience, your expertise and achievements…and are you an expert in your field?  Expertise is denoted by posts relevant to your industry, your area of professional experience, new ideas, and sharing others’ posts that show you are on top of your game!Who has time for posting on Linked In?
If you are like most professionals, Linked In can be a great tool for joining groups and following up, but trying to keep posting week after week starts strong and trails off to nothing.  You read and may share other posts but what are people hearing from you?  We can help!

Specialized Executive Linked In Profile Management Services

We don’t pretend to be you.  However, we will manage and post timely information garnered from your company’s blog related to your specific expertise and likely to be found of interest by those interested in you!Linked In Social Media ManagementWe will work with you to define your “persona”, i.e. your tone of voice, areas of interest, expertise, and what you consider to be fun and interesting.  A monthly plan of content and posts is compiled in advance, with your approval, and we handle the rest.  Timely posts, relevant images, and regular posts elevate your visibility and connections!  If needed, our talented writing staff will also write topic-relevant blogs, pages or whitepapers for you!
We will reach out people you want to connected, based on industry, position, or company and seek to connect with them.  All secondary communications are passed on to you.  We will join groups so your posts are added in the conversation.Increase your connections, extend your acknowledged level of expertise, and be seen as an engaged social media expert!

Additional Posts to Other Social Media!

Based on your business and desired reach, if you tried to manage your twitter feed but just can’t find the time, we’ll repurpose the Linked In content on twitter, Facebook, or other professional networking locations!If you are interested in elevating your Social Media game, call WSI Net Advantage.  We can work with individuals or teams at companies so you can extend your corporate message without a full time social media person investment!

Let’s talk about the best approach for you or your team!  Complete the form below or call today.