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Customer Research Surveys

Market Research Services and Customer Surveys

Custom Voice of Customer Surveys

– Online Surveys & Telephone / Personal Customer Surveys

Have you considered customer research surveys and marketing surveys to learn about your customers and prospective customers?
A satisfied customer is your most valuable asset.  A customer feedback program will help to increase the value of your most precious asset.”
Jack Welch (former CEO of General Electric) said, “If you could only measure three items they would be 1) gross margins  2) customer satisfaction  3) employee engagement.”
You will get answers to four mission critical strategic questions from a WSI Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • How customers use your products or services?
  • Why customers don’t use your products or services?
  • How is your company perceived relative to your competition?
  • How do customers choose a product or service in your category?

Web Based Surveys and Research

We will design and program a questionnaire of 15-20 relevant questions based on your survey goals.  We will continually process the data to tabulation, present and analyze the data for you in a comprehensive review of results.  We host and manage the entire project.
Popups and other interactive formats are added to relevant sites which target YOUR customer base.  Once we reach and receive full feedback from the surveys, responses are tallied, interpreted and presented with our findings.

In Person Surveys and Research – The Voice of the Customer

Utilize our staff of US-based phone callers to contact clients or prospects directly with a series of questions to extract information about your company, your services, your products…or whatever you want to know.
Here is an example market research project we did for the plumbing industry.
Here is an example of a real business’ growth using “Voice of the Customer” techniques.

Benefits of Telephone and Personal Customer Surveys

  1. Interviewer is able to observe body language and voice inflections which will provide valuable insight into what the customer really thinks or feels about your product and service.
  2. Increased customer response rate
  3. Customers will be more open and objective with the interviewer
  4. The interviewer is able to revise questions during the interview or ask additional questions based on the answers given by the customer.

Recent Examples of Successful Surveys Performed

  1. One interview saved a $6,000,000 client and another interview helped to retain a $1,000,000 client.
  2. A trucking company been giving away their logistics software.  After a customer satisfaction value survey was conducted, the trucking company now charges clients $100,000 to $200,000 for their logistics software.
  3. A customer satisfaction survey can have up to a 3,000% ROI.
  4. Asking two questions to 10 to 15 of your key customers/clients can result in an effective one page business development plan which can transform your business.
  5. Companies can receive testimonials, product differentiation, messaging feedback from customer satisfaction surveys that can result in a better use of corporate branding and messaging.

Estimated time to completion for both types of surveys can be 30-60 days depending on sample size, and can be repeated within different demographics, groups, geography, or other defining factors of the desired participants.

Our Areas of Survey Experience Include:

  • Gaming
  • Politics
  • Smoking habits
  • Consumer products
  • Personal grooming and care products
  • Industrial products and services
  • Service industries
  • Just ask!

Contact us today for a conversation about what you are looking to achieve from your market research project and receive a quote.

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